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We are a specialized workforce in the RCM and Healthcare AI/ML world.

Bluetangent Solutions understands that a significant impact on your revenue can have a cascading effect of all your services. The rising cost of trained resources combined with complex changes in healthcare can create revenue losses

We help providers with complete RCM solutions which include, Eligibility verification, pre-billing, Transmission, Coding, Account receivables, Appeals, Denial Management, Payment posting and Reports. We are a one-stop solutions for all your RCM needs. You would see us partnership with multiple healthcare vendors to provide you a superior service that cannot be replicated and all this at no extra cost!! Healthcare industry is changing rapidly from a paper intensive to technology enabled service. however, we do not charge you for our technological innovation until we show you the results and gain and its optional. Technology are used sensibly and when needs and not on experimental basis on our clients.

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We help you plan your revenue and growth to create sustainable outcomes.


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“We serve multiple Practice Management System"