Frequently Asked Questions

A variety of practice solutions are available from Bluetangent Solutions LLC to improve the value of your medical practice. We are specialists in the full RCM cycle, which involves credentialing and patient follow-ups. We consider ourselves as enabler than a billing company

Bluetangent Solutions is a Missouri-based company with offshore offices that provides efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective practice management solutions to healthcare offices and CBOs across the United States

Bluetangent is founded on a believe that excellent patient services is linked with better RCM process and growth of every healthcare practice depends on value-based billing and consultant services. We are here to make a change in the way, healthcare outsourcing works from bodies to performance and from KPI to value-based reporting. At blue, we are patient focussed and ensure that the end customer is a priority for providers and for us.

Bluetangent does not have one-size-fits-all service charges; we understand that each client is unique and that there must be a sustainable billing rate based on geography and the type of services provided. Our variable billing costs have made us a favoured destination for small to large healthcare practices across the country, from metropolitan to rural areas.

Every staff of Bluetangent is subject to reviews and ongoing training regarding compliance requirements and HIPAA rules. We are proud of our "Zero Tolerance" policy for HIPAA violations, which guarantees strict adherence to the law at all times during business operations and has kept our compliance rate at 100% up to this point.

We are proud to work with professional medical coders who have proper certification and experience. Bluetangent takes some processes, such as code validation, very seriously in order to assure quick insurance payout and a higher degree of correct coding.

We are one of the finest in the market at processing legacy AR, providing a strong and goal-oriented work strategy in a time-bound and effective collection effort that produces money from areas that other billing companies have never considered. We work hard to ensure that no money is left on the table.

Bluetangent offers complete RCM solutions as well as consulting services such as credentialing, office registration, HR functions, Software Management, session notes guidance, and compliance. Our all-inclusive services encompass all of the services that an Autism practice need and are led by an in-house BCBA!

Yes, we provide our end-to-end full cycle RCM services to all healthcare practices that include physician services, Hospitals, CAH, RHC, DME, Labs and Autism services

Bluetangent does not upsell or sell any products to its clients because we think that medical professionals should be compensated for the services they provide to the community. We go above and beyond in enabling our clients with Six Sigma Lean and optimal process management techniques.

One of the biggest financial drains in the medical field is denials. At Bluetangent, we make sure that every denial is traced back to the front desk or the relevant regions of origin and is handled from the root cause. We manage denials using the 5 WHY method, which produces a great denial to dollar turnover ratio

Our expertise can assure a smooth, consistent, and error-free transfer process for all of your services with minimal fluctuation. Our transition team of professionals will absorb all knowledge to produce an as-is process with 0% breakage in the transition process. Typically, our transfer process involves the joint efforts of the healthcare practice and our team. We believe in time-bound and objective performance that can be measured.