Your Billing Partner that you can trust

98.3% Clean Claim Percentage

Clean claim is one of the most important aspects of billing that can generate quicker payments, lesser collections efforts and better patient satisfaction here

Average Claims Paid Within 23 Days

We believe in the sense of urgency to get the claims paid, with experienced team and effective follow-up, we get payment faster

100% Dedicated Resources

Compliance and Ethics are embedded into the core values at Bluetangent Solutions and we never share resources and ensure 100% adherence to HIPAA

24/5 Service Across Platforms

Our teams work across time-zones to provide you with an exceptional work. Our team is just an extension of your office

Create 40% More Savings

Cost saving can help you expand your practice and serve more patients. Our low cost, high performance team can help mitigate the risk of financial leakage

AI and ML Solutions

We create custom made software and artifical intelligent tools to help your practice predict, scale and tranform in the service of healthcare


Increased Revenue

Cost effective and efficient billing services that can result in higher revenue and greater working profits. Huge reduction in operational expenses can create steady profitability

Superior Service

All our services come with a dedicated Account Manager available throughout your working hours and an experienced team of specialist to make your RCM a success

Perfect Billing

Highly professional medical billers can ensure that your claims are accurately tranmitted on time with pre-billing checks and code vetting.Ensuring faster payment

Greater Collections

Our experienced coders and denial experts will ensure quick turn around of your claims to payment. We review the cross-walk configuration to validate the correctness of the payments

Customer Satisfaction

Improved payments and clear billing processes will improve the overall trust and confidence for provider(s) staff and patients. A better patient experience is counted until the claims are settled

Technology Driven

Technology driven decision making is part of our journey to excellence. We make sure that all Reports and Data makes sense and has an output that could create a platform that takes us forward

Reduced Aging

Our goal is to auto-pilot every project within the first months of initiation, reducing the aging and resolving the frequent denials are top priorities that enable us to sustain large operations in minimal settings

Intelligent Programs

Software solutions help create intelligent automation. Software development focuses on Bots, Websites AMC and custom-made software solutions for healthcare providers and billing systems

Perfect Solutions, For Your Perfect Practice

Medical Billing

Medical Coding

Account Receivables


Consulting Services


Patient Services

Account Receivables

We Define, Measure and then Improve

Our team have perfect transistion experience,coupled with sense of urgency that can create worry free transistion process.

Our Team work at your times to create work-flow patterns that can help in perfect transistion process.

All our process are mapped, perfected and shared to create common working grounds for high performance teams

Our Experts shall work with your team to create performance management books to ensure seemless process delivery across the work spectrum

We ensure that variations in revenue and critical parameters are minimum to Zero

We have a data oriented culture, where everything is numbers and then again numbers.

We bring world-class services and performance to your practice, with 2 decades of expertise and renowned consultants backing your work-flow.

Create high performance solutions for all your needs, that are time tested and proven across various healthcare offices.

Envision a world of data based performance that could result in creating scalable solutions.

Dedicated teams with analytics driven goals that makes you stand apart on peer-performances